New inventions can give us those goosebumps, can’t they?

It’s easy to think that everything has already been invented, but nothing is further from the truth.

Every day, someone somewhere is inventing a new tool to make our lives easier and more comfortable. 

Or discover ways to improve existing products and services, and solve our problems.

Progress is an infinite process that leads to well-being and makes our dreams come true.

Today, we want to tell you a story about a clear vision, aim, and determination to overcome challenges and achieve a dream.

Skink is a dream-come-true product, an innovation in the PMU industry. Read below to find out the whole inspiring story.

What is Skink?

Welcome to the exciting world of Skink, the innovative training skin designed for permanent makeup (PMU) exercises.

This article will tell the story behind this fantastic product, changing how professionals are trained in the permanent makeup industry.

“Skink – More than just boring PMU Practice Skin!”

Skink is the innovation that is changing key moments in PMU training.


The product consists of two parts:


The hard base – realistic anatomy of a human face

The first part of Skink is the hard base, made using the latest 3D printing technology.

The raw material from which the models are made has various colors.

There is a possibility to be branded when training academies use it.

The great and very satisfying news is that this plastic base is reusable.

“Skink’s Mission is Creating Realistic Simulations”

Foam Sheet – Pores, Permeability, and Key Thickness

The second part of Skink is a sheet of specially developed foam that mimics human skin’s pores, softness, and permeability.

These foam sheets are used once and represent a revolutionary tool for permanent makeup exercises.

One of this product’s most important advantages is its thickness of 1 mm. This specific thickness provides an ideal starting point for training and practising the controlled depth at which the needle penetrates, implanting the color particle.

This skill is essential in micropigmentation, helping practitioners to master working on the surface of the skin and avoid the potential risks of penetrating deeper layers of the skin.

Skink is an unparalleled training product in the world of permanent makeup and is the ideal partner for professionals who want to develop their skills and achieve the best results.

The inspiration for Skink

The idea for Skink didn’t just come out of nowhere. It was born out of a pressing need in the permanent makeup industry that was difficult to meet before this innovative product.

Here’s how Skink’s idea developed and filled this gap.

“The PMU Exercise Industry Set New Requirements”

On the market for exercise products, there was a severe lack of realistic models on which future professionals could develop their skills.

Students and practitioners needed something more than boring and outdated teaching aids.

They wanted a realistic simulation that would allow them to study the anatomy and geometry of a natural human face. In this context, Skink emerged as an urgent necessity.

Skink was created to solve this problem. We are committed to providing students and future professionals with realistic simulation models to prepare them for various situations in real salon life.

Check here Skink Homework Set Face Design

With models that provide the opportunity to train in different cases and situations. Skink transforms the process of PMU training and preparation.

Product development

The history of Skink is a story of innovation and commitment to providing the best training in the permanent makeup (PMU) industry.

This section will tell you about the beginning of the project and how it has evolved to this day.


From Clay and Chisel to Digital Design

The beginning of Skink found us when we used the old way of making moulds – sculpting with clay and chisel.

The next step was the old-school techniques of tray duplication and mould extraction.

Despite their authenticity, these methods were time-consuming and posed serious challenges in further work. For this, we quickly moved to the digitization of the entire process.

“Skink provides an accurate and authentic reproduction of the human face anatomy”


Digitization and Technological Leap

The software creation of three-dimensional models allowed for accurate and authentic reproduction of the anatomy of the human face.

These models were directly fed to the 3D printing technology, which ensured flawlessness in every detail.


Author’s Models and Technical Perfectionism

Every model from the Skink catalogue is unique and author-developed, exclusively for the PMU industry.

When developing each task, we strive to combine all technological requirements and needs during the manufacturing process.

Multiple 3D printing file settings were required to ensure that each model meets the technology requirements.

The technology for producing foam sheets was also the subject of careful testing and trials. We strive for flawless execution and reliability, reflected in every detail of our products.




Resources and Raw Materials of European Origin

We proudly announce that all resources and raw materials we use are entirely of European origin.

This is our commitment to quality and contribution to environmental protection and support for local economies.

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Problems and challenges

The initial idea for the exercise product was ambitious and uncompromising – to create a completely transparent material that would be shaped like a human face in its three-dimensional form.

This goal was the beginning of our journey, but it was not easy as often happens with ambitious projects.


Fighting the Limitations of Materials

Some tests of transparent materials had a limitation in the size in which they could be produced.

We wanted a realistic human face size and were uncompromising in this.

Other material tests showed that they could work very well with a permanent makeup machine and needle and absorb pigment well.

However, they did not provide the opportunity for a three-dimensional shape, which was the core of our project.

For us, the future of training must definitely be in the geometry of the human face.


From Despair to a New Path

And so, after numerous material tests that did not meet our requirements, despair came that such a product would probably not be able to be realized.

Not long after, with new forces, we decided to change our concept, giving up transparency and looking for another way.

We certainly did not want to work with silicone and latex due to its high price, which does not allow numerous student exercises.



The Solution!

We continued the material tests, and soon, the solution to all our criteria was covered by the foam, which we categorically accepted. A foam sheet cannot be used without a hard part.

The time invested in finding a reliable material at a reasonable price was very long. There were problems with cutting materials and tools for this.

The results were not good. A new moment of despair came. If the product is too expensive, it isn’t very meaningful.


From Despair to Success with 3D Printing

In a moment of absolute despair, we realized that the solution was really in front of us – 3D printing technology.

It provided the reliability and precision we needed without providing price instability. This decision was a turning point in the history of Skink, and the product became perfect, as you see it today.

The final say

Pursuing perfection can be pretty tough and complicated.

Skink faced many problems and challenges in its development – the lack of a realistic and affordable training skin, the limitations of existing materials and their high cost and many more.

However, Skink overcame these challenges by developing a new material based on foam and using 3D printing technology.

“The Prize Is Worth the Price”

As a result, Skink is now a leading provider of training skins for the permanent makeup industry.

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