About skink

About skink

Skink is an innovative product made from microporous foam that resembles the permeability, softness and thickness of human skin. The models are made in real human proportions and anatomy.

The thickness of the training product is 1mm, helping the student to learn the correct depth of implantation of the pigment particle. It is suitable for machine and manual PMU techniques. The light weight and easily portable design makes it an excellent part of any training, demonstration or workshop starter pack.

Created by PMU trainers familiar with the needs of trainers and students during their PMU classes, Skink aims to replace the human face of our future client, as much as possible, and to put the student in working conditions close to those in a real work environment.

Skink is every trainer and student’s best friend in perfecting the art of ink the skin.


Every Skink product needs a hard base in order to be used in its full way. One student can have one hard base and countless skink layers for exercises.

The hard bases are identical with all skink models. They are developed in full face design and in smaller details for single work on eyebrows, eyelids and lips.

For greater brand identity of your academy, all hard bases can be found in multiple colours.


Skink is created by a united team that is constantly striving for development and improvement. Our strength comes from the diversity of skills, experiences and knowledge that each of us brings.

We are focused on quality and strive always to keep up with the latest trends and technological innovations. With us you can count on professionalism, commitment and excellent service.

Mastering the technical skills in micropigmentation, fine hand movements, pressure control and the correct depth of pigment implantation are some of the most important technical skills that every future PMU artist must perfect.

Whether you are a student, a small training center or an academy with plenty of masters, we are here for you in helping you to achieve high quality and excellent results during your trainings.

B. Petrova

B. Petrova

Creative Center

K. Vasilev

K. Vasilev


G. Tolev

G. Tolev

Production Manager

K. Vasilev

K. Vasilev


K. Petrova

K. Petrova

Customer Service

Thank you for choosing Skink and giving us the opportunity to be part of your story of success.

It is our pleasure to work together and to be your partner!

Our Mission

From the idea, through the production to your hands,
our team aims to create unique and innovative products that meet the needs and expectations of masters and students during their PMU classes.


Helley’s Beauty

“Something new, interesting and useful for everyone in the field of Micropigmentation.”


“A very good product. Indeed, it will be of great help to trainers and students!”

ES Studio & Academy

“In order every person to develop and improve their skills, they need the right attitude and real support. The more successful people there are, the better and more beautiful the world around
us becomes. Congratulations once again on the flawless product you have created! I will happily use it and offer it in my academy.”

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